Life Members

Oklahoma City/County Historical Society lifetime members

Thank you to the Lifetime Members of Oklahoma City/County Historical Society. Their membership helps guide the non-profit organization into the future while preserving the rich culture and history of its past. 

Lifetime Members

Margaret Baker
Bob Burke
Lou Burris
Mary Gilmore Caffrey
Scott & Carol Davis
John & Anita Dunning
William Durrett
Tom Dykstra
Warren Edwards
Diana K. Flynn
Deenen Gambrell
Mr. & Mrs. Byron Gambulos
Helen Gretz
Jay Hannah
Shirley Harris
Melvina Heisch
Joy Hill
Teresa R. Hill
Dr. Michael W. Krug
Robert & Betty Mccoy
Steve Lackmeyer
Catherine O’Connor
Deborah Oliver
Kendra Orcutt
Oren L. Peters
Charlie & Nancy Potts
Rev. John A. Reed Sr
Kathryn Stone
R&y Thurman
Jack L. Werner & Suzanne Broadbent
Paul & Margaret Woods

Brian Maughan Oklahoma Historical Society



pete white oklahoma historical society


Immediate Past President

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