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About The Oklahoma City/County Historical Society

Founded on November 22, 1977, the Oklahoma City/County Historical Society is the oldest historic preservation group in Oklahoma City/County.

We conduct regular membership meetings with interesting and informative programs designed to stimulate interest in state and local history while maintaining an emphasis on Oklahoma City and the surrounding Oklahoma County. Each year we honor individuals, from both past and present, whose efforts and accomplishments have shaped the fabric of our city and county. These honorees are deemed “Pathmakers” as their contributions have led the path in the very making of history. 

We assist and work closely with the Oklahoma Historical Society, the Oklahoma Heritage Association, and other statewide organizations in matters pertaining to the history of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County. As a historical organization, we offer our assistance upon request by these and other organizations. 

Over the years, we have amassed a very sizable collection of artifacts of varying description representing the history of our area. It is our goal to actively present these treasures to the public in a number of different forums to help raise the awareness of how historically significant Oklahoma City and County has been to the development of the state. We are currently promoting a campaign fund to establish a permanent display of Oklahoma City’s heritage and history in a city museum located in downtown OKC.

OKCCHS is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization. We welcome anyone who would like to become involved in our efforts. We are a dedicated group who feel that we would like to make a sincere effort to preserve for the next generation the history of our area.

 Board of Directors

Marva Ellard – President
John Michael Williams – Vice President
Rachel Mosman – Secretary
Randy McMillin – Treasurer
Dr. Gloria Anderson – Board Member
Anita Arnold – Board Member
Bob Burke – Board Member
Frances Kersey – Board Member
Steve Lackmeyer – Board Member
Cathy O’Connor – Board Member
Michael Schwartz – Board Member
Pete White – Board Member

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Marva Ellard


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